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a sample image from the early learning Orgamites poster series

Early learning posters with Orgamites! Download Orgamites’ themed Acts of Kindness, ABCs, 123s, shapes, colours and more.

Empower kids to become the captains of their own health and well-being, brought to you by the Orgamites. A set of healthy tips and posters for you to display at home or in class.

Discover your inner powers with the
Mighty Orgamites!
Grab your art supplies and get colouring.

We are the mighty Organs. Pin this mighty lifesaving team and/or your favourite Orgamite to your classroom bulletin board or wall at home.

Colouring Sheets and Booklets

It’s what’s inside that counts!
Grab your art supplies and get colouring.

A poster promoting the Orgamites Teacher Toolkit 3 and Orgtober - organ donation education month

Celebrate Orgtober with the Orgamites!

For the first time ever, let’s really shine a light on education with Orgtober – a month to showcase organ donation education and the Orgamites teacher toolkits.

Looking for print materials or more information about how to bring the Orgamites to your school or classroom? Send a note to [email protected] and be sure to visit the Organs and Tissues for Life Education Portal today.